Illinois Risk and Reach Report

Illinois Risk and Reach Report

Illinois Report: County-by-County Data

The Illinois Risk and Reach Report presents a set of curated data indicators representing risk factors that undermine optimal child development, and compares them to the reach of publicly funded programs and services that support early childhood well-being.

This analysis is conducted at the county level with the intention of understanding the extent to which programs and services for young children and their families are reaching communities in need of support. Read more about the process. »

The interactive map below shows indicators reported at the county level. Data on developmental screening is reported by ZIP code. To learn more about developmental screening, please refer to the printed Illinois Risk and Reach Report.



Participation rate estimation results in some counties having a participation rate over 100 percent. These values are marked with an asterisk (*). This is likely a result of sampling variability in the ACS data used to estimate the number of eligible individuals in those counties.

Maternal Education

Parental Employment

50% of Poverty

100% of Poverty

200% of Poverty

Child Care Cost

Housing Cost



Drug Over Dose Deaths

Income Assistance

Child Care Subsidy

Housing Assistance

Food Assistance


Maternal Morbidity

Preterm Births

Lead Exposure

Violence Exposure

Child Nutrition


Lead Testing

Mental Health Services

Prenatal Care Utilization

Kindergarten Readiness

Third Grade Proficiency: Language

Third Grade Proficiency: Math

Home Visiting

Early Intervention

High-Quality Child Care

Early Childhood Special Education

Prevention Initiative

Publicly Funded Preschool

County Raw Value Indicator Risk Level