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Indicator Citations

Take a look at our Indicator Citations document to see the sources that we used to inform the descriptions for the risk and reach indicators on this site.

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Webinars - 2019 Data

Webinars - 2016 Data

Risk and Reach Report Webinar

Erikson Institute, along with the Illinois Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development, host a webinar to explore ways to use data on child well-being and publicly-funded resources found in this Risk and Reach Report to provide optimal conditions for children to thrive.

Risk and Reach Fiscal Scan Webinar - FY2015-FY2019

Erikson Institute and the Fiscal Policy Center at Voices for Illinois Children co-host an online webinar that provides detailed information on state expenditures and appropriations as it relates to the risk factors that affect child well-being and publicly funded early childhood programs and services. Special guest Theresa Hawley, the state's first assistant deputy governor of education, will also be on hand to provide insight.

Risk and Reach Deep Dive: Health Disparities, COVID-19

A strong body of research indicates that supporting health and wellness during the first five years of life can positively affect development and set the stage for optimal growth in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. High exposure for essential-working parents, tight living quarters and underlying health conditions that can stem from poor nutrition, trauma and toxic environments are factors that affect a child's well-being.

This webinar will provide insight on the conditions that contribute to ongoing health disparities and high rates of COVID-19 virus infection experienced by communities of color as well as the State of Illinois investments in early childhood health programs and services.